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Last Minute Kayak Gift Ideas!

Multiple Shoes Arranged

Last Minute Kayak Gift Ideas!

As we head into crunch time for getting gifts for Christmas which is ONLY 4 days away!!! We wanted to make sure you had a few options for those that already have the kayaking bug and own their own kayak!

  1. A 2023 BYO single Kayak (BYOK) Season Pass! 10 BYOK trips up river for any of our trips will definitely be loved! Check out our 2023 Season Passes blog for more details or grab your Burning River Adventures Season Pass or Mahoning River Adventures Season Pass here!

  2. A digital gift card for Burning River Adventures or Mahoning River Adventures for them to use on BYOK trips, additional rental for others joining them or grabbing some Paddle The River Merch!

Of course most of the remaining ideas can be found at big box stores, but if you are local to the Cuyahoga Falls area check out: Falls Outdoor Company (FOC)** for good options of high quality gear! We love supporting them and you should too!!

3. A new life jacket —FOC has a variety of Astral, NRS & Stohlquist brand life jackets that are more comfy than our standard universal fit life jacket.

4. A new paddle— FOC has a variety of Bending Branches & Aqua Bound paddles.

5. A pair of new water shoes— FOC has a variety of styles from Astral (Definitely one of the best in my opinion. I love mine!)

6. A dry box or bag— We all need to keep our important stuff like keys and phones dry!

7. Rain jacket or dry top— FOC has some awesome Outdoor Research rain jackets! If you are in search of a dry top (it is likely too late to get it here by Christmas, but a late gift is still a good one! Check out

8. A new kayak— FOC has a variety of recreational, fishing and whitewater kayaks in stock! Brands include Jackson Kayak, Liquid Logic, Native, Bonafide & Bote (SUP).

9. Yak Attack Accessories— FOC has a variety of options here too! These are primarily geared towards those that are into fishing, but you never know what you might find!

10. Wetsuit— This will help extend a kayakers ability to kayak into the Fall months. Likely will need to order this and would not arrive on-time, but better late than never!

11. A dry suit— This will allow a kayaker to kayak in cold water conditions (Winter & early Spring). Likely will need to order this and would not arrive on-time, but better late then never! They are a high dollar item, but well worth it!

12. Other outdoor gear— Clothing, hiking gear, camping gear, snow gear… if you love kayaking then you typically love most outdoor adventures!

The is just a quick list and hopefully it helps you to choose a good gift for your kayak loving person regardless of the occasion!

**We do not receive any type of compensation from FOC. We just love supporting them as they are the best local store for your outdoor needs!

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