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Proper Preparation for Kayaking in Fall Weather

a river surrounded by trees

Proper Preparation for Kayaking in Fall Weather


If you are planning on going on a kayaking trip this fall, it is important that you go prepared. Wearing the proper clothing, checking the weather, and bringing water, snacks, and other emergency supplies are some of the most important things to remember. Below is an in-depth guide on how to prepare for your Fall kayaking trip:

Be Prepared for the Worst

Falling into the water on a hot, summer day can be refreshing, and some may even do it purposely to cool down. Falling into the water during fall, however, is a different story. As the weather gets cooler, so does the water temperature. It is important to bring layers with you so you are prepared for anything. If you are too hot, take a layer off. If you are too cold, put one on.

The most important thing about your layers is that they are not made of cotton. Cotton material holds moisture and water very well. It is essential to wear clothes that do not absorb much water and easily repel it. Materials such as synthetic polyester can be used as the first layer because it is breathable and quick-drying. You can add a second layer for warmth; preferably wool because it is also water-resistant. The last layer should be your drysuit to prevent water from reaching the skin.


Spray Skirt

A spray skirt is great for keeping water out of your kayak. It provides a waterproof layer between the top of the kayak and the inside. Keeping water out of your kayak is important because otherwise, you could be sitting in freezing water for the duration of your trip. The best advice for staying warm while kayaking is to stay dry!

Weather Prep 

On any given day in the fall, you may get the hottest summer day or you could get snow. This is why it is so important to check the weather every day until your trip. Make sure to call ahead if you are paddling with a company to make sure they are open! Some places close down for inclement weather like rain or wind, so it is better safe than sorry! You do not want to get stranded in the water during a storm (especially without the proper clothing). This is also why it is important to carry a sound-making device like a whistle or even a flare. If you do find yourself in a bad situation, these will be extremely helpful for rescuers to find you.

Are you ready to plan your next kayaking adventure now that you are prepared? Join us on our next adventure on the Cuyahoga or Mahoning River. Don’t miss out on watching the leaves change and experiencing fall on the river!

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