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Single/Tandem Kayak Daily Rental

Paddle your way to adventure.

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One Day Rental - Single Kayak
Two Day Rental - Single Kayak
Three Day Rental - Single Kayak
Four Day Rental - Single Kayak
Five Day Rental - Single Kayak
Six Day Rental - Single Kayak
Seven Day Rental - Single Kayak
One Day Rental - Tandem Kayak
Two Day Rental - Tandem Kayak
Three Day Rental - Tandem Kayak

Kayak Daily Rentals in Cuyahoga Falls, OH!

At “Burning River” we offer the flexibility of exploring locations beyond the Cuyahoga River by taking one of our kayaks with you. Whether you have a specific destination in mind or wish to discover other nearby water bodies, you have the freedom to pick up a kayak and embark on a personalized adventure. It’s important to note that for all-day rentals, there are designated pick-up and return times to ensure a smooth rental process, and a hold will be placed on your credit card as a precaution for any potential damages. Additionally, please remember to bring your own straps to securely fasten the kayak to your car, ensuring safe transportation.