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Christmas Ornament Tradition


Christmas Ornament Tradition

We all have various traditions around the holiday season! Going to the tree farm to try to find the right tree for our family that will fit in the living room is probably one of my favorites! The joy on the kids faces as they run through the row of trees trying to find the perfect one and them helping drag it on the tarp back to the truck is magical!

This year we started a new tradition of trying to collect Christmas ornaments from places we visit with our kids as a way to help bring up memories each Christmas as we decorate our tree together! We have one from the Sunken Gardens in St. Petersburg, FL & one from The Biltmore Estates in Asheville, NC that we will add this year. The tough thing about this is not every place has ornaments out unless it is closer to the holiday season. So, the other places we have either collected a magnet or sticker!

As we started this new tradition it made me start looking for a way to have an ornament for you all to pick up as well as a memory keepsake for your families as well! This year we had Deer Path Designs custom make all of logos into wood laser engraved ornaments! We can’t wait to add these to our tree once we bring it home this weekend!

You can grab your ornament for free local delivery ( Cuyahoga Falls area only) or delivery via mail now! If you miss it before the holiday season we will have any remaining ones of this years ornaments available during our normal kayaking season as well!

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