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Gifting A Kayaker

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Gifting A Kayaker

A great gift for a kayaker in your life is as fun to give as to receive. Kayakers always need or want experiences, fun add-ons, and new gear.

To give the gift of a kayak experience, Paddle The River offers gift cards (non expiring) for use at Burning River, Cuyahoga Valley, and Mahoning River Adventures locations. The gift card can be redeemed for kayak rentals or transport of privately owned kayaks, otherwise known as “bring-your-own”. Along with a great kayaking experience are gifts, fun add-ons, that keep last season’s experiences alive.

For fun add-ons, Paddle The River offers shirts, hats, stickers, coolers, ornaments, and mugs. These low cost gifts make good stocking stuffers, secret Santa gifts, and are ideal for gifting party events. But if you want to go big, then a kayak is it.

When it comes to kayaking gear, a kayak is the ultimate gift. The first decision to make when buying a kayak is whether to buy new or used. For someone who is new to kayaking it’s best to buy used. If the person enjoys kayaking and wants to continue or is experienced, then a new kayak is a better choice, depending on your budget. The next decision to make is on what type of water will the kayak be predominately used.

There are kayaks specially made for every type of water; lake, river, white water, and ocean. Basic kayaks, especially for beginners, are typically hybrids suitable for lakes and rivers, the most common uses. There are even kayaks made for portability that fold up like a small table. The type of kayak will influence the accessory gear too.

Accessory gear such as paddles and life jackets are not always an obvious gift choice. The opportunity exists to get a paddle that matches the use of a kayak, weight for comfort, and even style such as color. A well-fitting life jacket, with amenities such as pockets, is a good gift that someone may not purchase for themself.

With this many options, from gift cards, to paddles, to the kayak itself, gifting the fun of kayaking has many ideas to please the gift giver and recipient alike.

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